Success stories in medical technology

Developments in medical technology and requirements for power supplies

Developments of the medical and pharmaceutical industry progress continually and allow a better and more gentle treatment of patients. Technological focus is placed on medical devices which have become an integral part of today's diagnostics and therapy. Although the extent of research and development  of these devices is known to only a few, health and preservation of human life justify this enormous effort and provide ultimately mature and reliable technology.

For many years FRIWO has been part of this important development process. With its medical products FRIWO usually supplies inconspicuous components which operate reliably in the shadows. These inconspicuous components, nevertheless, are more than an important part of the overall system: If the medical application is not supplied sufficiently with energy, it can have serious consequences for the patient. It is therefore important to protect the electronics against external influences such as falls, impacts, vibrations or moisture. A good example can be found in a current FRIWO application: infusion pumps. In buzzing hospital environments the devices have to cope with the toughest conditions from emergency room to OR and hospital room without being damaged. Especially the power supply is exposed to extreme wear but must be failure-protected to safeguard a continuous and precise patient care.

Depending on the application, the requirements for a medical power supply increase even further. If, for example,  the patient or the applicant comes into direct contact with the medical device or if the maximum accuracy of measurements is required, protection against leakage is mandatory. With leakage currents of ≤10 µA FRIWO has been a market leader for years and provides, among others, optimal solutions for patient monitors.


Innovations in medical technology – powered by FRIWO

In addition to "classic" power supplies, innovative ideas of FRIWO increasingly infiltrate medical technology.  Many dentists are already using our inductive chargers. Especially the dental sector prefers an easy, comfortable  handling, cleaning and disinfection. Wireless power supply therefore comes in handy for flexible power tools.

Not only the type of power supply but also the corresponding application reflects FRIWO's innovative character. Our line of products also includes power supplies for smart self-medication devices (pain therapy) or a data evaluation unit for a miniaturized  gastric tube.


Maximum security of supply even for mobile applications

Life support demands utmost reliability and safety of the devices. Usually these devices are portable for fast medical service at the scene of the accident. Considering the importance of maximum reliability FRIWO offers portable power supply solutions: Our battery packs are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of the medical industry. In addition, our smart battery management systems (BMS) allows a permanent data exchange and continuous monitoring of the battery. This way, an early hint is given when a battery needs to be replaced - an important step towards maximum security of supply.

Manufacturers of portable medical devices need to be certified in accordance with IEC 60601. The lithium-ion battery packs used for these devices must be tested according to IEC 52133. All standard battery packs made by FRIWO are approved both in accordance with transportation standard UN38.3 as well as safety standard IEC 62133.