Mobile power supply for medical exoskeletons

FRIWO products in practice

Walking again: The Russian medtech company ExoAtlet intends to make this dream come true for patients with physical handicaps. A specially designed exoskeleton allows people, who are actually confined to a wheelchair, to get up without the help of others for the first time since their impairment - and to walk again. With the exoskeleton "ExoAtlet I" the patient can move at different speeds and can cope with the most different surfaces without being stopped by stairs or obstacles.

The idea of an exoskeleton won their inventors some startup prizes before the first prototype hit the public in 2015 during the world's largest medical fair Medica in Germany. Today, the skeleton is used in everyday life by permanently handicapped people as well as in clinical treatment of patients who need to learn to walk again independently after an accident.

FRIWO is proud to support such an emotional project with its products:  The mobile energy supply of the exoskeleton is ensured by a FRIWO 7S2P battery pack. Thanks to its medical certification according to IEC621333 – mandatory for having the entire medical device approved in accordance with EN60601 – the battery pack can be used without any difficulty. Since the FRIWO standard portfolio already contains medically approved battery packs like the 7S2P, the customers have been spared high medical approval costs for their specific applications. In addition, "time-to-market" is significantly reduced due to the availability of samples and the support of FRIWO's approval department. The ExoAtlet I also relies on FRIWO when it comes to battery charging: the 7S2P is accompanied by a FOX90C charger as perfectly matched system solution from a single source.

We hope that the ExoAtlet success story will continue and that we can help many people to regain mobility and joy of living.