Light Control Box, LS12/DPA

Up to 100 LED drivers dimmable with one LS12 only

With LS12/DPA FRIWO provide the option to dim up to 100 LED drivers, in constant current mode, with a single light control and at a stable dimming level. It is supplied from the mains with 230 V~ on the primary side. An extended 1 - 10 V interface, which matches the FRIWO platform driver with integrated 1 - 10 V interface, serves as output.

The LS12/DPA is a converter of light control signals. It can be used to dim LED luminaires with either DALI, PUSH-DIM, a 1 - 20 V dimmer or PWM signal. The PWM input is used primarily for connecting external sensor modules such as motion or brightness sensors. For the supply of these sensors an additional auxiliary voltage of 12 V is provided by the LS12/DPA.
With a size of 21 x 30 x 153 mm (H x W x L) the unit  fits seamlessly into the FRIWO portfolio of LED drivers.

The LS12/DPA has been approved in Europe and complies with the low voltage directives EN61347-1 and EN61347-2-11. As far as EMC is concerned, the unit meets the standards EN55015 and EN61547.