FRIWOs Li-Ion know-how: More than off-the-shelf battery packs

FRIWOs mehrstufiges Li-Ion-Konzept

FRIWOs mehrstufiges Li-Ion-Konzept

FRIWO's multi-tier Li-Ion concept

Correct handling of lithium-ion technology is essential

In times of energy transition lithium-ion technology (Li-Ion) is one of the key technologies due to its high energy storage potential which ensures a permanently secure energy supply in all spheres of life. It provides power supply for devices which require mobility and mains-independency or mains redundancy. At the same time this cell chemistry is not exactly safe because of its high energy density which is also confirmed by internet videos of burning batteries. Safe handling of this technology is therefore essential. FRIWO are aware of the challenging handling of Li-Ion technology, and do not only offer safe products and systems but also share their know-how willingly - so that all can benefit from the advantages of this technology:


Customer support  for safe handling of Li-Ion batteries

FRIWO's portfolio does not only include high-end battery packs and "bundle solutions" with perfectly matching chargers, but also services like engineering assistance or extensive advice about Li-Ion. FRIWO's "Academy" provides specific training on this subject. At the end of the day battery packs are just part of a multi-tier concept for safe handling of this technology.

FRIWO battery packs: Quality first

Product-related the portfolio contains officially approved, standardized battery packs and customized solutions. FRIWO standard packs present an immediately available solution at an attractive price. The range of products spans from simple cell configurations of 1S - 13S with protective circuit to complex packs with communication interfaces. The packs are available even in small quantities, and are exclusively made of high-quality, industry-standard cells of Samsung, LG; Sony, Panasonic and Lishen after extensive selective tests. The protective circuits ("Battery Management System" = BMS) are based on the most advanced circuits of Texas Instruments, Seiko, Linear Technology, Intersil and Maxim.

FRIWO Li-Ion know-howThe FRIWO battery assembly is based on a multi-tier safety concept to give our customers the utmost benefit: Following the customer-specific selection of our hardware and software modules, the battery solutions are assembled by skilled personnel in our certified production.  Each battery pack and BMS is thoroughly tested in automatic test systems. This ensures a consistently high quality and protects the customer against unpleasant surprises. Each battery pack is marked with a unique serial number for identification and tracking.
But this is not where FRIWO's assistance ends: As final part of the engineering stage, FRIWO also supervises the corresponding approval procedure for the customer and provides qualified documentation.
Especially when it comes to customized solutions FRIWO can rely on their modular system, and serve the customers with optimal solutions regarding cell selection, assembly, BMS, communication and charging technology. FRIWO's engineering experts are proud of being able to realize customized housing designs short-term and in very good quality. Our modular system provides customized samples quickly and efficiently.

Modern battery management systems make battery packs "intelligent"

Today battery packs are mostly not only meant to supply devices with power. The systems are getting smarter: many safety or health-related applications require information on the remaining battery runtime or maximum available battery power at the point of use. More complex battery management systems respond to these needs. Informative displays like SOC ("State of Charge") and SOH ("State of Health" = battery aging) can be easily implemented. For reasons of prediction accuracy, however, an application-specific selection of the "gas gauge" method (level indicator) is necessary because not every algorithm is suitable for the individual application. By using customer-specific load profiles and with regard to the corresponding application, FRIWO can make the right choice. Copy protection of high-quality batteries is becoming quite an issue. Based on the SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) standard, FRIWO also provide corresponding solutions.