DOE 2016: Q & A

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Tightened requirements for power supplies by DOE 2016

Starting February 2016, the American Department of Energy will drastically tighten the energy requirements for power supplies.

We have summarized  the most important questions and answers for you:

Q: What does DOE 2016 stand for?
A:DOE stands for Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Energy. This department passed a law, which tightens the efficiency and standby loss requirements for power supplies. The requirements of the DOE will become mandatory for the US-American market from February 2016 onwards. Power supplies which do not meet these requirements may no longer be placed on the market.

Q: Which requirements will be tightened?
A: Requirements regarding efficiency and standby losses.

Q: Does this directive include equipment which has not yet been subject to an energy efficiency regulation?
A: Yes. In addition, it encompasses power supplies with an output of >250 Watts, power supplies with multiple outputs, class A power supplies and LED drivers.

Q: Are there exceptions to this directive?
A: Yes. Excluded are power supplies for medical devices as well as for lifesaving and safety equipment. Also excluded are power supplies of less than 3 V and less than/equal 1000 mA which recharge batteries for applications driven entirely or mainly by a motor (for example e-bikes or power tools).

Q: Do FRIWO products already meet these stringent requirements?
A: Our technically leading units fulfil all current standards, like e.g. ErP (Energy related products), MEPS or ENERGYSTAR. On the electronica fair in Munich, FRIWO presents the next generation of units which fulfil the DOE requirements even today. You are welcome to see for yourself either on our booth at the electronica (hall B2, booth 656) or the Compamed fair in Duesseldorf (hall 8A, booth P10).

Nameplate Output Power (Pno)

DOE  efficiency

ErP  efficiency

Min. Avg Efficiency in Active Mode:
Standard models



≤ 1 Watt 

1W          66,00%

1W          62,00%

> 1 to ≤  49 Watts

30W        86,95%

30W        83,63%

> 49 to ≤ 250 Watts               

60W        88,00%

60W        87,00%

> 250 Watt             



Low Voltage models (Uout < 6V & Iout ≥ 550mA)         



≤ 1 Watt 

1W          60,40%

1W          56,40%

> 1 to ≤  49 Watts 

30W        85,07%

30W        81,61%

> 49 to ≤ 250 Watts               

60W        87,00%

60W        86,00%

> 250 Watt             



Max. Energy Consumption in No Load Mode:

DOE Stand by losses

ErP Stand by losses

≤  1 W              



1 (0) W   ≤ to < 49 (50) W           

30W        0.1

30W        0,3

49  W   ≤ to ≤  250 W               

60W        0.21

60W        0,5

> 250 Watts           




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