„Dimmed by FRIWO“

LED Dimming Solutions by FRIWO
Erläuterung der Dimmbox-Schnittstellen

Convenient dimming of your LED lighting solution

With our DIMMbox and our LightControlBox LS12, we offer technically sophisticated solutions for dimming LED lighting.


The DIMMbox

The DIMMbox and the connected LED(s) are powered by the LED driver at the input of the DIMMbox. The dimming function is achieved by pulse width modulation control (PWM) at the LED output. Different versions of our DIMMbox enable dimming per DALI, Push-Dim or 1-10 V.


The LightControlBox LS12

Our LightControlBox is a converter for light control signals. An extended 1 – 10 V interface serves as output. For input DALI, PUSH-DIM, a PWM signal or a 1 - 10 V dimmer can be chosen. The output is synchronized with the FRIWO LED drivers and their integrated 1 – 10 V interface. The LightControlBox enables a parallel control of up to 100 LED drivers.


Click here to learn more about the technical characteristics and the different connection options of the DIMMbox and the LightControlBox.


If you have further questions, or want to have assistance in selecting your ideal solution, please don´t hesitate to contact us.