Battery solutions for medical applications and measuring technology

standard packs in accordance with IEC 62133

In addition to the UN38.3 approval, which is required for battery transport, selected battery solutions of the FRIWO standard portfolio have now also been approved in accordance with safety standard IEC 62133.  This standard imposes high demands and tests in terms of safe operating of gas-tight batteries. Among other things, vibration and shock tests are conducted with a peak acceleration of 150 gn.

Particularly battery packs for medical applications have to meet special requirements. A stable power supply for mobile and stationary applications must always be ensured, even under difficult conditions. Life-saving and life-sustaining devices such as defibrillators and respirators, for example, increasingly focus on lithium-ion technology with reliable battery solutions. As a consequence, specific standards and regulations like EN 60601-1 (medical electrical equipment) apply. EN 60601-1 specifies that rechargeable lithium batteries for medical applications have to comply with the regulations of IEC 62133.

In addition to medical applications there are other areas of use requiring product safety of battery packs according to IEC 62133, for instance, measurement or control technology applications.
The new approval IEC 62133 generates a real added value for FRIWO's customers since no high registration costs for the standard packs 251P, 351P, 352P, 551P, 552P and 752P incur. The certification enhances the flexibility and attractiveness of the FRIWO standard battery solutions.