2 x MOPP USB-power with exchangeable primary adapters

GPP USB Medical

FRIWO’s GPP USB Medical is the ideal solution for operating or charging mobile medical applications with a standardized USB socket.

For maximum patient protection, the device provides two double MOPP (Means of Patient Protection) and a minimum leakage current of ≤ 10 μA.

With very compact dimensions of 63 x 52 x 34.5 mm and a low weight of 60 g, the power supply provides a current of 1500 mA at 5 VDC. The GPP USB Medical offers a wide range input from 90-264 VAC for global use. Further technical benefits of the current-limited and voltage regulated device are a low ripple voltage and a high efficiency. Besides the usual primary adapters for Europe, USA / Japan, UK, Australia and the IEC socket, country-specific mains plugs for Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Korea and South Africa are also available.
The GPP USB Medical is approved by UL (USA / Canada) and SIQ (Europe). It complies with the 3rd edition of the medical standard IEC/EN 60601-1 as well as with the EMC standards EN 55022/B, EN 55024 and EN 60601-1-2.