10. February 2017

Flush-mounted: Seeing the unseen

For easy installation and protection against vandalism.

The FRIWO flush-mounted range: Compact, highly efficient switch mode power supply units, with an optimum size for easy mounting. With a maximum diameter of just 51 mm, these units are ideal for installation in all standard flushmounted sockets and can be fully hidden in walls. FRIWO’s flush mounted power supply units offer numerous advantages, from protection against vandalism to reduced cleaning in applications that require high levels of hygiene. This has made them a firm favorite for building technology, security and sanitary applications. Their cast housing means they are ideally suited for use in damp environments (protection class IP67).

Products are aviable with 6 W, 12 W and 18 W. All the devices in the UP range have a 90 to 264 V AC wide range input, making them suitable for use anywhere in the world.

The devices are protection class II compliant, voltage controlled, current-limited and continuously short-circuitproof, which means they offer a high level of operational safety combined with a long operational life. They also comply with the latest guidelines. Thanks to idle consumption of ≤ 300 mW and high efficiency at every power level, the units comply with the current threshold values of various energy efficiency programs, such as Energy Star, MEPS or ErP.

Flush-mounted power supply units with custom outputs or special leads are also possible on request.

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