The FRIWO energy saving program

In order to promote the development of particularly energy-efficient power supplies, there are a variety of energy saving programs which define limit values for effectiveness and standby-power loss. FRIWO is committed to keeping these limit values and works closely with the relevant authorities.


One of the best known certification programs is ENERGY STAR, a symbol supported by the US Government and introduced to the EU in 2003 for the economic use of energy. Consumers can quickly and easily recognize energy-saving products, households and buildings by the ENERGY label. Although it is a voluntary program, FRIWO, as a licensed ENERGY STAR-partner, develops and sells equipment which always meet the latest requirements.

Energy-related Products (ErP)

Die ErP guideline (also known as eco-design guideline) relates to the entire life-cycle of products, from manufacture through recycling and thus affects above all the „Integrated product policy“ (IPP). The idea is to prevent that improvements at a certain point of the life cycle generate negative effects at another. The guideline defines product-specific eco-design requirements – for power supply units these are limit values for efficiency and standby power loss depending on power output. Since 27 April 2011, power supply units must meet the tightened requirements of stage 2 the regulation EG Nr. 278/2009.

FRIWO has the required expertise to create power supplies of the entire product portfolio with high efficiency and low standby power loss. We provide devices, which even exceed the current requirements of the guideline and are therefore well-equipped in the event of a possible tightening of the guidelines.