FRIWO company history


Patenting of the Wolf’sche mine safety lamp for the mining industry.


Establishment of the „Friemann & Wolf“ machine and miner’s lamp factory in Zwickau/Sachsen by Heinrich Friemann and Carl Wolf.


Development of the first electric rotating gang lamp with lead-acid battery by Carl Wolf.


FRIWO reaches milestone of 600 workers. There are numerous international representatives, in England and the USA, among others.


Redesign of a miner’s lamp with nickel cadmium battery. Testing on a Zeche Emscher-Lippe. Start of production of improved lead-acid batteries with solid electrolyte.


Friemann & Wolf, now world famous under its brand name „FRIWO“, begins license production of an improved NiCd battery and begins in-house development.


Installation of the first NiCd batteries with positive hinged electrodes in miner’s lamps. The „Wolf’sche Stahlakku“ achieves legendary status. In England and Belgium own production sites for mine safety lamps begin operations.


2000 employees. Delivery of 1 Million Wolf’sche mine safety lamps and an equal number of acetylene lamps all over the world.


FRIWO receives the patent no. 446183 for the first electrical mining cap lamp, which is initially only used by workmen underground.


Issue of several patents on flame-proof FRIWO compressed air lamps and hinged electrodes. FRIWO is among the leading manufactures of lead and NiCd-batteries.


Apart from three factories in Zwickau and offices in Germany, including the largest one in Duisburg, we have subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Poland.


Second World War interrupts international connections. Subsidiaries and offices abroad are lost, in Zwickau the production sites were expropriated.


The office that was destroyed in Duisburg is reconstructed as the headquarters. Production of miner’s lamps.


Reactivation of the old export connections after the currency reform.


Development and production of the new silver zinc battery systems and thus the foundation of Silberkraft Leichtakkumulatoren GmbH in Rüdesheim (Relocation to Duisburg 1959).


In the 75th anniversary of the company, end of the first stage of the reconstruction with 720 employees and a turnover of 11 Mio. DM.


Extension of the program and formation of new production emphasis. Expansion of production of NiCd batteries for stationary and mobile use. In addition, security lighting and emergency power supply systems with individual, group and central batteries. Development of own silver zinc and silver cadmium batteries.


Start of production of silver of large scale batteries.


Foundation of Friemann & Wolf Gerätebau GmbH in Duisburg. Closely aligned with this is the acquisition of a production plant for electromechanics and electronics in Ostbevern/Westphalia, where the design and manufacture of electronic assemblies for charger and power supply technology is continued as an expansion of the FRIWO Program.


Extensive structural extensions in Duisburg and Ostbevern for the creation of modern production areas. Ostbevern begins the production of power supplies and accessories for consumer electronics.


Extensive structural extensions in Duisburg and Ostbevern for the creation of modern production areas. Ostbevern begins the production of power supplies and accessories for consumer electronics.


FRIWO Group generates a turnover of 41 Mio. DM and employs 700 workers. In Ostbevern 10,000 plug-in power supply units are manufactured per day.


Daily production of 15,000 plug-in power supply and charging units for power supply or charging of battery-powered equipment and tools in Ostbevern. Commissioning of the automated production of power transformers.


Friemann & Wolf Gerätebau GmbH extends the program to power and charger modules for the power supply of EDV systems and EDV peripheral devices.


In Ostbevern, loading boxes for NiCd batteries are manufactured in standard sizes.


With a daily capacity of 25,000 plug-in power supply units, Friemann & Wolf Gerätebau GmbH becomes Europe’s largest manufacturer of small power supplies and chargers. Beginning of production of charger modules and charging monitoring devices.


CEAG Industrie-Aktien and Anlagen AG, Bad Homburg, acquires a majority stake in FRIWO Group. With 640 workers an annual turnover of 73 Mio. DM is reached.


Beginning of serial production of primary plug-in power supply units in switchmode technology in Ostbevern.


Fully automated assembly of printed circuit boards in Ostbevern. Turnover reaches 48 Mio. DM.


Manufacturing output is 35,000 plug-in power supply units per day. In total, 50 Mio. plug-in power supply units and chargers have been sold since 1971


Beginning of automatic assembly of SMD parts. Move to a new production hall.


Foundation of FRIWO FAR EAST LTD. with production facilities in Shenzhen (PRC).


Acquisition of the competitor Bartec-Compit and integration into the FRIWO Group.


EN DIN ISO 9001-certification


The daily production capacity of the FRIWO Group reaches 53,000 devices.


FRIWO is the first company to offer a charger for environmentally friendly NiMH batteries.


The FRIWO consumer program is transferred to the newly founded sales company FRIWO-COMPIT, Walldürn-Altheim. FRIWO now employs 600 workers, and the 100millionth plug-in power supply unit leaves the workpiece carrier system. Commissioning of the new EMV test centre.


Sale of Friemann & Wolf GmbH, Duisburg.


FRIWO Gerätebau GmbH is divided into two parts: FRIWO Mobile Power (FMP) and FRIWO Power Solutions (FPS). Sale of the FRIWO-COMPIT division.


1 billion power supply solutions have already been produced.


Sale of the division FRIWO Mobile Power (FMP) to Flextronics. VTC becomes the majority shareholder of CEAG AG from DELTON and thus FRIWO Gerätebau GmbH.


CEAG AG is renamed „FRIWO AG“.


FRIWO expands its product portfolio and offers high-quality LED drivers and light control solutions “Made in Germany”.


FRIWO enters new markets: The company follows the trend towards electromobility and sets new standards with innovative e-bike charging solutions


FRIWO exceeds the revenue threshold of 100 million euros.


The company starts the production of battery packs and acts as system supplier for charging and battery technology with solutions from one source. Moreover FRIWO develops, its own online B2B store. In particular, it allows customers to order small quantities of devices from the company’s standard portfolio, easily and directly.


FRIWO launches the FOX product family, which combines extremely high efficiency with almost no loss of power in standby mode. Furthermore, the company starts to set up an own production facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Grand opening in Vietnam: FRIWO officially opens the new production facility. This location clearly stands out from other Asian productions: the ultra-modern production with ESD ground has experienced considerable investments like, for example, nitrogen soldering machines and automatic testing systems. With the new factory, FRIWO is well prepared for future growth.


FRIWO acquires production of transformers and chokes in Vietnam. Due to the acquisition the power supply company expands its value chain and manufactures an important component for the FRIWO products in-house. The factory is located in an industrial park near Ho Chi Minh City in close vicinity to the FRIWO production site which was set up in 2015. The headcount increases to more than 2,000 employees.


A further commitment to quality: FRIWO's quality management gets DIN EN ISO 13485 certificated (medical quality management system)