Switchmode technology

Switchmode technology allows a significantly less weight and an extremely small assembly of the power supply units and chargers. Thus it is particularly suited to the power supply of portable equipment. At the same time, efficiency is particularly high: at an achievable 90 %, losses due to emission of heat are minimized and the stand-by power is extremely small. Another benefit of switchmode devices is their wide range input, meaning that power supply units at mains voltages can be operated from 100 up to 240 VAC with 50 to 60 HZ. This allows a worldwide deployment and leads to a drastic reduction in logistics costs for our customers.

FRIWO offers a comprehensive range of standard devices with excellent features in the area of switchmode power supply units. In addition, further variants can be developed to satisfy individual requirements where appropriate quantities are required. Here, designs such as plug-in power supply units, table-top device or as open-frame modules are feasible.