LED Technology

Energy efficient lighting is a must - both in industry and in private homes. FRIWO offers a portfolio of drivers/Dimmbox for your lighting applications that can easily stand up to international comparison. If you are looking for reliable, energy-saving and cost-effective LED solutions, you have come to the right place.

FRIWO products are designed using the latest security concepts and requirements for the lighting industry. They also meet all requirements for product design and manufacturing processes. We and our international agencies will be happy to assist you with your LED and driver concepts and can support you in every phase of your project.

Not only do we set the standard for design, quality and service, we redefine energy efficiency!

Here's our added value for you:

  • Sophisticated power supplies „Made in Germany“
  • Current and voltage regulated
  • Extremely compact, open-frame or enclosed housing
  • Optimized for 230 V applications
  • High efficiency of up to 91% at maximum load
  • Minor standby losses ≤ 0,3 Watts
  • Minimum tolerances of outputs by laser trimming
  • High operational safety (overtemperature protection, short-circuit proof, overload protection, no-load protection)
  • 100% functional and high voltage tests (3.75 kV) safeguard zero-defect power supplies.