POWER UNPLUGGED: Inductive charging technology

Rechargeable batteries without electrical contacts and plug connections - applied to smartphones & peripherals already  common practice and handy in everyday life - also works on a large scale. FRIWO's inductive technology allows the hazard-free transmission of higher power. Today the company already offers powerful solutions with up to 150 W transmission power and parallel data communication (1 Mbit/s half-duplex). All this with a high transmission efficiency of up to 90 %, and with excellent detection of foreign bodies and adequate EMC compatibility.

The wireless energy transfer is not only more easier to handle, but also enables the engineering of encapsulated systems. A crucial advantage in humid, dusty or even explosive environments. Encapsulated systems are also setting new standards in the medical sector: closed devices with smooth surfaces can be wiped and cleaned wet - an invaluable additional benefit in sterile environments. In addition, the lifetime of the equipment increases because material fatigue and corrosion of plug contacts do not occur.

The inductive demonstrator FIT-one: The first of its kind

In order to illustrate the possibilities of inductive energy transmission, FRIWO has come up with a demonstrator: the
"FIT-one". "FIT" stands for FRIWO Inductive Technology, the tag "-one" marks the first demonstrator of its kind.
It consists of a mobile monitor with a removable stand, which simultaneously serves as contactless charging station.
The mobile operation of the monitor is safeguarded by a FRIWO standard battery pack in configuration 4S2P.




How it works:

A communication interface displays battery data at any time, for example the current charging condition, the remaining capacity or temperature developments. Charging process data, such as the current transmission efficiency, are also intelligently communicated.
FIT-one seeks to indicate what a system supplier like FRIWO is capable of: power supply, inductive energy transmission, data communication, battery pack and intelligent battery management - a perfectly matched system solution from a single source.
Curious? We would be pleased to personally acquaint you with FRIWO's FIT-one and the advantages of inductive technology.

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