Charging technology

In the area of charging technology FRIWO offers an extensive selection of lithium ion and lithium iron phosphate, nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride as well lead battery chargers. FRIWO also has tailored solutions for you in the area of inductive charging technology. There are benefits tied in with each of these charging technologies.

Inductive charging technologies

In inductive charging technologies, the energy for charging a battery is transferred without a plug-in charger or cable and without electrical contact between a charging station and the end use. In this way complete encapsulated systems for application in an explosive environment (flammable gases), in the medical field or under water can be developed. FRIWO supplies its inductive chargers with a capacity of up to 30 watts to numerous notable clients. Individual solutions for your requirements can be provided on request.

Lithium ions/Lithium iron phosphate chargers

Due to their very high power density and low weight, Li-ions or LiFePO4- batteries are frequently used in high-priced devices, for example note books and mobile telephones. As this battery type does not have an over and deep discharging tolerance, a higher technical charging effort is required, which is implemented in the Li-Ions/LiFePO4-chargers by FRIWO through a charging and discharging monitoring function.

NiCd/NiMH chargers

Nickel cadmium chargers provide high currents with low voltage drop due to their low internal resistance. They are therefore particularly suited to devices with high power consumption, such as cordless screwdrivers or electrical vehicles etc. Nickel metal hydride batteries are more environmentally friendly and pre-destined for use in devices with average power consumption such as toy applications or torches due to their higher inner resistance. The intelligent NiCd and NiMH chargers by FRIWO have a Minus-Delta-U shutdown and recognise temperature gradients (static or dynamic), the maximum temperature and the time.

Pb chargers

Lead-acid batteries are still characterised by their first-class price-performance ration and are therefore the batteries of choice in the area of large-scale charging technology. The lead battery chargers by FRIWO are able to recognise an optimum fully charged state, to activate or reactivate a cell that has been stored for a long time or a new cell, detect a fault, or just charge as quickly as possible without exceeding the parameters of the cell. Furthermore, many comprehensive protective mechanisms ensure that the charger withstands a polarity of the battery undamaged and that failures do not occur. FRIWO is particularly active in the further development of switchmode chargers, which are attractive to the end user thanks to their light and compact construction along with high output power.