The complete spectrum of EMS services

FRIWO accompanies you from the production of the entire devices or systems, through to the testing and packing and finally the delivery to your customers. Our procurement professionals take care of the worldwide sourcing of the required electronic and mechanical components. The process security is guaranteed by automatic inspection systems. Special laser equipment performs the adjustments to the required voltage and current values (active laser adjustment). Our quality department is also closely integrated into the production, and monitors each and every production step. Our range of services and our technical equipment at a glance:

Service portfolio
PCB assembly



Placement technology

Adhesive technology

Reflow technology

Wave soldering

Selective soldering



In-circuit test

Functional test

Special test (e. g. boundary scan)

Safety tests

Protective Coating
Potting technology

Screwdriving technology



Handling of complete subassemblies

Testing equipment development and construction
Material management (worldwide)

DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

DIN EN ISO 14001:2005
(September 2011)

DIN EN ISO 13485 (medical)

Technical Equipment

SMT assembly
200,000 components/h

Siemens X 3

Siemens X 4

Siemens HF 2

Siemens HF 3

MPM printer

Ekra printers

Dispenser Gemini 2

THT assembly
90,000 components/h

Universal 8 XT Triple Scan

Universal VCD/Sequencer 8

Reflow solderingSMT QPM (nitrogen)
Wave soldering

SEHO nitrogen plants (lead-free)

SEHO air plant

ERSA selective soldering


AOI systems
(EOL, paste AOI, stand-alone)

Mitutoyo BHN 506 3D coordinate measuring machine

In-circuit/combi testers (Reinhardt KMFT 470)

In-circuit/combi testers (SPEA 100 AP)

In-circuit/combi testers (SPEA 3030)

laser trimmer (general scanning)

boundary scan system (Jtag)

PC functional testing technology

high-voltage and leakage current tester (Sefelec)

EMC lab

Scheugenpflug vacuum potting system

Scheugenpflug potting system